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HCLU Annual Report 2015

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A TASZ megalapításának izgalmas előzményeit, a sikereket és kihívásokat összegző kiadvány. Írta: Legát Tibor


Exciting history of the successes and challenges of the foundation of HCLU. By Tibor Legát


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Annual Report - 2013



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The EU Cannot Remain Silent About the Putinization of Hungary Any Longer

The Hungarian Civil Liberties Union (HCLU) condemns today’s police raids against Hungarian NGOs as politically motivated actions that elevate the illiberal Orban government’s attack against civil society to a new, unprecedented level.

Measures of the Orbán-government are a threat to democracy

By today, the situation created by the inability of all Hungarian ruling governments since the transition in 1989 to reform the education, pension and health care systems has become unbearable. The political elite has failed in every aspect. The currently ruling Orban-government is proving over and over again why there is a great need for the Hungarian Civil Liberties Union. The only question that remains to be answered is how to involve people in the work and the supporting of the HCLU, says Balázs Dénes, Executive Director of the organization.


A short video interview with Jean-Paul Grund on the drug 'Krokodil.' The interview was made on the occasion of a new and freely downloadable study, published in the International Journal on Drug Policy.