1. It is a further proof that the governing majority views the Fundamental Law as subservient to the raw force of power and not as a limit on exercising government power.
  2. It adds provisions to the Fundamental Law that the Constitutional Court had previously declared unconstitutional.
  3. It violates the right to free speech because it enables the oppression of opposing political views and artistic expression.
  4. It contradicts the right to human dignity because it opens the door for the State and local governments to criminalize homelessness instead of guaranteeing the right to adequate housing.
  5.  It discriminates against same sex couples, couples without children and other non-marital forms of familial relationships by leaving them without constitutional protection.
  6. It curtails the right to freedom of information and the fundamental principles of free election because it enforces undue restrictions on the publication of campaign materials and other forms of political advertising.
  7. It sanctifies the autocratic differentiation between religious groups because Parliament can decide, according to its own will, on whether or not to recognize a church.
  8. It violates the principles of fair trial because it allows the head of the judiciary’s administrative body to designate a case to any court arbitrarily.
  9. It ends the autonomy of universities and colleges because it subordinates these institutions to the Government in matters pertaining to organization and financial management.
  10. By conditioning student aid on post-graduation domestic employment, it imposes disproportionate burdens on university and college students’ right to self-determination and their right to freely choose their occupation.


Instead of the law of rule we want rule of law!



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