Election monitoring program coordinator, Political Freedoms Project

My graduate studies have focused on political theory. In my PhD research, I developed an account of the limits of competence-based restrictions on the franchise .

Why do I care about political participation?

Because I believe in everyone's equal right to the political presentation of their views on the common good. Because I find it natural, rather than unfortunate, that we all have different perspectives on the world. It is political participatory rights that guarantee an opportunity for us to decide in fair ways on our collective issues, and to learn from one another's unique perspectives rather than silencing our opponents.

Why the HCLU?

Because we are working for good causes, in an energetic and committed team, in a unique way. Because I've studied political theory to know what a more just society is like, and to do my share to bring that ideal closer to us. Because I can bring it closer to us at HCLU.

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