Protest from a Cage

Árpád Horváth recently put himself in a cage bearing the sign „public order protection camp” on Blaha Lujza tér, a busy Budapest square. In the following footage he talks to HCLU about the motivations behind his action.

Homeless due to Arson

The family asks for the help of those who can afford it. The bank account number is indicated at the end of the film.

To serve and beat: Tomi the policeman (part 2.)

"He punched me in the stomach five times. I was made to drink five glasses of water.” There was no interrogation, only beating.

Szolgálunk és Verünk: Tomi, a rendőr (II. rész)

Tomit, a rendőrt a sok panasz után áthelyezték Taktaharkányból Taktakenézre. Itt folytatta áldásos tevékenységét - erről szólt a "Tomi, a rendőr - I. rész". A II. részben a Horváth család meséli el bántalmazásba torkollott igazoltatásuk történetét, valamint azt, hogyan verték a rendőrkapitányságon 12 éves fiúk gyomrát, miközben vizet itattak vele.

Szabad tüntetni Devecseren

A Veszprém Megyei Rendőr-főkapitányság jogszabálysértő módon tiltotta meg, hogy a devecseriek a főúton tüntethessenek.

To serve and beat: Tomi the policeman (part 1.)

We have started a series, titled ‘To serve and beat’ on the topic of police aggression. TASZ (Hungarian Civil Liberties Union) has been running its Roma Programme centred on the issue of police brutality for seven months in the counties of Borsod and Heves in Hungary. We have received numerous complaints of police maltreatment during this period. In some towns, local policemen abuse their power daily; they I.D. and penalize people based on their Roma origin. Their behavior often ends in violence. People living in abject poverty have no options: even if they are aware of their rights, they cannot, or fear to exercise them. They are afraid to file formal complaints. And even when they do, the counsel generally refuses to investigate.