100 Years of Global Drug War

Our movie features the most debated issues at the 2012 Commission on Narcotic Drugs (CND) - please watch and share!

This year the Commission on Narcotic Drugs (CND) celebrated the 100th anniversary of the first international opium convention. What the UN drug czar said about these 100 years, is it a success story? Did NGO delegates agree with him? What is the significance of the speech Evo Morales, president of Bolivia made at the CND? What are the chances of the drug reform movement in Latin-America? What is the impact of CND resolutions in general? The HCLU's video advocacy team attended the CND and ask these burning questions. Watch our new movie to learn the answers from Yuri Fedotov, Gil Kerlikowske, Martin Jelsma, Damon Barret, Allen Clear and Mike Trace!

You can read the documents of the CND here!


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A szabadság 20 árnyalata

20 éves a TASZ!

A kerek évforduló pedig megérdemli a dupla ünneplést! A rendhagyó születésnapi TASZ-buli mellett, december 4-én egy különleges estével készülünk, ahol természetesen a szabadság lesz főszerepben. Hallgass velünk gondolatébresztő, kreatív pitcheléseket 6 percben!

AT A CROSSROADS: Will Serbia Fund Harm Reduction Programs to Save Lives?

Serbia is not eligible for any more money from the Global Fund - harm reduction programs are in danger. Our movie gives you a glimpse of the desperate situation of Roma injecting drug users in Belgrade, help us to share the message!

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