Michel Kazatchkine: The Drug War Fuels the AIDS Epidemic

Without respect of the human right of people who use drugs we cannot fight the HIV/AIDS epidemic - watch our video featuring Michel Kazatchkine's speech!

Michel Kazatchkine has been a long-time advocate of harm reduction and the human rights of people who use drugs. He was one of the founders of Nova Dona, a French NGO providing services for injecting drug users in Paris. From 2007 and 2012 he was the head of the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria, an agency that saved lives of more than 6.5 million people around the world. He used his position to build strong partnership with civil society to overcome barriers to access to evidence-based services. When he stepped down this year it was a sad news for activists. However, he did not give up the fight. This summer he was appointed the Secretary General’s Special Envoy on HIV/AIDS in Eastern Europe and Central Asia. Recently he joined the Global Commission on Drug Policy and added his voice to those committed leaders of the world who call for drug policy reform. Mr. Kazatchkine made a powerful speech at the „Twin Epidemics of HIV and Drug Use – Innovative Strategies for Health Communities”, a conference organized by Open Society Foundation to raise awarness on the role the war on drugs plays in fueling the global HIV epidemic. 


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On the eve of World AIDS Day, the HCLU organized a demonstration in front of the Hungarian Ministry of Health to light candles in memory of the victims of AIDS. The demonstration was also to demand that the Ministry of Health and the National AIDS Commission fulfill their mandates as outlined by international documents and the National AIDS Strategy; and to communicate that the present favorable epidemiological situation should not be left to mere luck, but be the result of a well-planned and delivered strategy.