Prison Uprising in Lebanon

It is often forgotten that prisoners should be treated with dignity as human beings - this is especially true for the prisoners held in the Roumieh prison in Lebanon. This facility was built to house 1500 inmates but often 5500 people are hold here, 30-35 people in one cell, thousands of them are pre-trial detaines who do not see a judge for several years. In April 2011 an uprising broke out in the prison.


Kapcsolódó hírek


Watch our video interview with the man who discovered Mephedrone, the drug also known as Meow-Meow!

TASZ-estek a Kolorban

A TASZ programvezetői szeptembertől minden hónap utolsó csütörtökén változatos előadásokkal várnak titeket a Kolorban, hogy közelebb hozzák munkájukat, céljaikat és a jogvédelem aktuális kihívásait. Nézzétek meg az első est előadásait!

A FOOT IN THE DOOR: A New Approach to Drugs in New Zealand

There is a growing debate on how to control new psychoactive substances (legal highs) in New Zealand. We traveled there to give you an insight into the innovative policy introduced by the government last year - please watch & share our new movie!