Progressive Drug Policies in the Czech Republic

A new report of the OSF and a film of the HCLU shows a positive example on how science could contribute to progressive drug policies

The Open Society Foundation published a report on drug policies in the Czech Republic. The report shows how visionary policy-makers "have resisted what is politically easy and exemplified what is smart and humane in drug policy". The Hungarian Civil Liberties Union (HCLU) attended a conference in Prague two years ago and filmed several interviews on the same subject - we published it now as a supplementary material to the OSF report.

You can download the report by clicking on the picture below!


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Ha bejelentést teszek, az a baj, ha hallgatok róla, az a baj

A szabadalmi ügyvivői kamara kizárta azt a tagját, aki jóhiszemű közérdekű bejelentést tett egy súlyos törvénysértésről. Álláspontunk szerint a döntés elfogadhatatlan, ezért az ügyben fellebbezést nyújtunk be a bírósághoz.

HCLU vs. Police: the trial of discrimination against Roma

On June 13, 2013 the trial of the actio popularis against the Heves County Police begins at the County Court of Eger. The lawsuit was initiated by the HCLU against the Police for discriminating against the Roma in Gyöngyöspata based on their ethnicity and skin color during and following the extremist “patrols” of 2011. At stake: will the court hold the state responsible for the discriminative treatment of the Roma?

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