The Denver Sessions

Watch some great sessions on video, recorded at the International Drug Policy Reform Conference in Denver, Colorado.

International Innovations in Drug Policy 
A session about drug policy reform innovations from around the world – and a discussion of what impact they may have in the United States. This session was filmed at the International Drug Policy Reform Conference in Denver, Colorado, 2013.

Zombies, Mad Scientists, and Legal Highs: Harm Reduction with Emerging Drugs

What do we know about “new” and “emerging” drugs and how do we know it? When it comes to these drugs – some of which have been around for many years – how do we separate the science from the media panic?

From Victims to Advocates: Parents Against the Drug War

The failed war on drugs has led to millions of lives destroyed and families broken as a result of harsh prison sentences, prohibition-related violence, or preventable drug overdoses. What is the experience of mothers and fathers who have lost (or been forcibly separated from) their sons or daughters thanks to the war on drugs?

Latin America's Innovative Proposals For Reform 

Media headlines continue to focus on Latin America, as its drug war carnage grows and its reform initiatives gather momentum. In what ways is Latin America leading the way on drug policy reform, and in what ways is it lagging behind?

With English overdub                                                                      Original spanish version

Can You Hear Me Now? Speaking the Language of Reform to Faith Leaders
Drug use and criminal conduct are often labeled as moral failures – yet similarly, mass incarceration and the drug war can also be considered immoral and unethical. What role can faith leaders play in organizing and mobilizing their congregations to end the drug war? 

Posted by: István Gábor Takács and Péter Sárosi


Kapcsolódó hírek

Lawyering on the Margins

The HCLU produced two movies about human rights lawyers who met at a meeting in Copenhagen.

She could not handle him: she tied him down

This is another example of teachers’ sadism which happened almost at the same time as the head butting incident. The teacher tied the eight year old little boy to a chair with a skipping rope, because he did not ask for permission to take his eraser to his sibling. The child was tied down for approximately ten minutes and finally his sibling untied him. The boy felt so ashamed that he did not dare to tell the story to his parents at home. The father visited the headmaster at the school where the teacher admitted her act, pleading that did it because she could not handle him. As the headmaster did not want to take any measures against the teacher, the father reported the case to the police.

December 1 World AIDS Day - Video

On the eve of World AIDS Day, the HCLU organized a demonstration in front of the Hungarian Ministry of Health to light candles in memory of the victims of AIDS. The demonstration was also to demand that the Ministry of Health and the National AIDS Commission fulfill their mandates as outlined by international documents and the National AIDS Strategy; and to communicate that the present favorable epidemiological situation should not be left to mere luck, but be the result of a well-planned and delivered strategy.