Video Advocacy Workshop on Video

All the presentations of the workshop titled "Low threshold digital video storytelling for harm reduction advocacy, activism, and education" are now available on video. The workshop was held in Vilnius at the International Harm Reduction Conference.

Péter Sárosi (HCLU/Drugreporter) - The Power of Video Storytelling in Harm Reduction Advocacy and Activism

István Gábor Takács (HCLU/Drugreporter) - Video Advocacy in a Nutshell (Camera handling and interviewing techniques)

Matt Curtis (VOCAL - NY- About the “I am the Evidence” Campaign

Greg Scott (Sawbuck Production)- Editing and Sharing Your Video

Posted by István Gábor Takács and Péter Sárosi


Kapcsolódó hírek

Ha bejelentést teszek, az a baj, ha hallgatok róla, az a baj

A szabadalmi ügyvivői kamara kizárta azt a tagját, aki jóhiszemű közérdekű bejelentést tett egy súlyos törvénysértésről. Álláspontunk szerint a döntés elfogadhatatlan, ezért az ügyben fellebbezést nyújtunk be a bírósághoz.

HCLU is Defending the Activists Who Peacefully Disobeyed

Lawyers from HCLU are defending a number of young activists who have recently been charged for occupying the headquarters of the governing party, FIDESZ and for blocking traffic around the Hungarian Parliament. The response by the police to the demonstrations was meant to instill fear and to scare people away from similar acts in the future.

The Disproved Accusations of the Russian Drug Czar

In our video we show how we asked the Russian drug czar to explain why he banned the website of a Russian NGO, the Andrey Rylkov Foundation - send an email and urge him to lift the ban!