Video Advocacy Workshop on Video

All the presentations of the workshop titled "Low threshold digital video storytelling for harm reduction advocacy, activism, and education" are now available on video. The workshop was held in Vilnius at the International Harm Reduction Conference.

Péter Sárosi (HCLU/Drugreporter) - The Power of Video Storytelling in Harm Reduction Advocacy and Activism

István Gábor Takács (HCLU/Drugreporter) - Video Advocacy in a Nutshell (Camera handling and interviewing techniques)

Matt Curtis (VOCAL - NY- About the “I am the Evidence” Campaign

Greg Scott (Sawbuck Production)- Editing and Sharing Your Video

Posted by István Gábor Takács and Péter Sárosi


Kapcsolódó hírek

PATHWAY TO REFORM - The Conference Videos

New Zealand became a world leader in the development of innovative regulation of new Psychoactive Substances laws in July, 2013. On March 20th, 2014 hosted by The Star Trust, the ‘Pathway for Reform’ conference offered a unique opportunity to hear firsthand how this industry began, how it was regulated and why. You can watch all the full speeches now!

Stephen Lewis: How to Fights AIDS by Ending the Drug War

A devastating criticism of the failed war on drugs by Steve Lewis - a must see!

Even this can happen in Borsod

In our following “message,” a young man explains to HCLU (Hungarian Civil Liberties Union) the story of an identity check, in which policemen committed a series of unlawful actions against him, presumably due to his Roma heritage.