A short video interview with Jean-Paul Grund on the drug ‘Krokodil.’ The interview was made on the occasion of a new and freely downloadable study, published in the International Journal on Drug Policy.


The Editors' Choice in the July 2013 issue of the International Journal of Drug Policy is an article on the drug 'krokodil.' As the summary of the article states: 'Krokodil, a homemade injectable opioid, gained its moniker from the excessive harms associated with its use, such as ulcerations, amputations and discolored scale-like skin. While a relatively new phenomenon, krokodil use is prevalent in Russia and the Ukraine, with at least 100,000 and around 20,000 people respectively estimated to have injected the drug in 2011.' The now freely available paper we present here reviews existing information on the production and use of krokodil, within the context of the region's recent social history.
You can download the full paper here:


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