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PATHWAY TO REFORM - The Conference Videos

New Zealand became a world leader in the development of innovative regulation of new Psychoactive Substances laws in July, 2013. On March 20th, 2014 hosted by The Star Trust, the ‘Pathway for Reform’ conference offered a unique opportunity to hear firsthand how this industry began, how it was regulated and why. You can watch all the full speeches now!


Foot in the Door: A New Approach to Drugs in New Zealand

You can watch our short summary movie we filmed at the conference by clicking here.

The full speeches:

1. Welcoming Ceremony

2. 'PATHWAY TO REFORM’ – Welcome and introduction by Grant Hall

3. Keynote Opening Address by Ethan Nadelmann – “There’s a revolution happening – the War on drugs is coming to an end. Prohibition has failed. Where to now?”

4. 'PATHWAY TO REFORM’ – The NZ Solution – Presented by James Dunne

5. An Enforcement Perspective – Presented by dt. insp. Rob Duindam 

6. Is regulation a legitimate harm reduction solution? – Presentation by dr. Brian Emerson

7. Panel discussion 1 – Hosted by Martyn Bradbury. Participants of the discussion: James Dunne, dt. insp. Rob Duindam, dr. Brian Emerson.

8. The Slow, Expensive, Scientific Pathway to Prescription Psychedelics for Limited Medical Purposes – Presentation by Rick Doblin

9. The New Zealand Initiative as a Global Model – Keynote address by Amanda Feilding

10.  Ethan Nadelmann – New Psycoactive Substances – a US Perspective

11. Fiona Patten – New Psycoactive Substances – An Australian Perspective

12.  Dr. Brian Emerson – New Psycoactive Substances – A Canadian Perspective

13. Panel discussion 2 – Hosted by Martyn Bradbury. Participants of the discussion: Amanda Feilding, Ethan Nadelmann, Fiona Patten, Dr. Brian Emerson

14. Speech of MP. Kevin Hague

15. Speech of MP. Iain Lees-Galloway

16. Speech of MP. Annette Sykes

17. The Great New Zealand Drug Policy Debate – Hosted by Martyn Bradbury – Participants: MP. Annette Sykes, MP. Iain Lees-Galloway, MP. Kevin Hague. 

18. 2014 Shining Star Awards  – Recognising leadership & excellence in advocacy, research and retailing

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