Barion Pixel TASZ | The HCLU’s Opinion on the Data Access Bill

The HCLU's Opinion on the Data Access Bill

The Ministry of Finance has sent the HCLU the drafts for disclaimer of opinion, which would form the legal confines of how personal data registered in state databases, after anonimization can be used for research.

The HCLU believes it is a good initiative to amend the current laws on access to state-maintained data assests and to change the current practice with new regulations. Personal data protection and freedom of information is a priority for the HCLU, but HCLU is also aware that these two constitutional rights, in some cases clash. The draft attempts to settle such problems, the chosen method is for most part appropriate and effective, which outlines HCLU’s opinion. With their remarks, the HCLU would like to assist the lawmakers on points that are thought to be unsatisfactory.

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