Barion Pixel TASZ | To serve and beat: Tomi the policeman (part 2.)

To serve and beat: Tomi the policeman (part 2.)

„He punched me in the stomach five times. I was made to drink five glasses of water.” There was no interrogation, only beating.



Tomi, the policeman, has been relocated from Taktaharkány to Taktakenéz (neighboring towns inHungary) because of various complaints that had been filed against him. There he continued his typical behavior – which was documented in “Tomi the policeman (part 1.).”
In the second part, the Horváth family speaks about their experience with the police.  How an identity check resulted in police brutality, in which their 12 year old child was taken to the police station, where he was made to drink water after which he was beaten in the stomach.
It is typical that in cases of police brutality, the police press charges against the accusers of assault against an officer.  This happened to the Horváths as well; the lawyer of the HCLU will provide the defense for them. The Horváth family also pressed charges against the police for mistreatment, and the family will be represented by the lawyer of the HCLU.
Tomi the policeman has been relocated again since this incident. Nowadays inhabitants of Tálya (another neighboring town) must live with his ‘protection.’



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