Barion Pixel TASZ | A heavy stone was flung

A heavy stone was flung

Even one month after the end of the patrol action of the Civil Guard Association for a Better Future, a right-wing paramilitary group, there still isn’t peace in Gyöngyöspata.


The head of the extremist movement, Defence Force, bought a plot of land next to the Gipsy row, where a training camp will be held on Easter weekend. The land is accessible only via the Gipsy row. Members of the Defence Force started to gather there already on April 16th. It was on that night that the crime presented in our video took place: two bald men dressed in black uniforms smashed the windows of one of the houses with two stones larger than fists, while shouting “You will die dirty Gipsies, if you don’t move away from Pata.” There were two adults in the house. The policeman that they alerted simply put the two stones used in the crime out into garden. The next day one of the plaintiffs recognized the two bald perpetrators, and reported this to the local policeman who happened to be there. However, the policeman did not react to this information; he told the plaintiff that he could give an account of this at the hearing.
The HCLU provides legal assistance for the plaintiff in the case.

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