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About the Consequencies of a Restrictive Abortion Law.

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They harrass the homeless people! - an HCLU video

After briefly reviewing how homelessness got pronounced as an offence, we are kindly asking you to send a letter to the minister of interior Sándor Pintér and rapporteur on homelessness, Máté Kocsis about that homeless people are not criminals. If you have time and would like to help somehow else, we can recommend you other opportunities, too.

The Invisible

In Hungary large scale institutions still house 15 thousand people living with disabilities, often under inhumane circumstances. Watch the HCLU's new film about why this situation has to change, and why it has to change now!

"Tegyük magunkat szabaddá! Éljen a Köztársaság!"

Az alábbi beszédet Kapronczay Stefánia, a TASZ ügyvezető igazgatója az október 23-i "Tedd magad szabaddá" tüntetésen mondta el Budapesten, a Blaha Lujza téren.