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About the Consequencies of a Restrictive Abortion Law.

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Ha bejelentést teszek, az a baj, ha hallgatok róla, az a baj

A szabadalmi ügyvivői kamara kizárta azt a tagját, aki jóhiszemű közérdekű bejelentést tett egy súlyos törvénysértésről. Álláspontunk szerint a döntés elfogadhatatlan, ezért az ügyben fellebbezést nyújtunk be a bírósághoz.

Activists Interrupt Press Conference at AIDS 2012

Drug users and sex workers feel betrayed by the organizers of AIDS 2012 - watch the video messages of drug users who could not attend the conference!

She could not handle him: she tied him down

This is another example of teachers’ sadism which happened almost at the same time as the head butting incident. The teacher tied the eight year old little boy to a chair with a skipping rope, because he did not ask for permission to take his eraser to his sibling. The child was tied down for approximately ten minutes and finally his sibling untied him. The boy felt so ashamed that he did not dare to tell the story to his parents at home. The father visited the headmaster at the school where the teacher admitted her act, pleading that did it because she could not handle him. As the headmaster did not want to take any measures against the teacher, the father reported the case to the police.